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Model Driven Software Development for Embedded Systems. more...

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JavaListFunction 11/25/15

Learn about JavaListFunctions. Create your own JavaListFunction to sort resources. more...

Actifsource V6.12.0 10/27/15

- 8 Features - 8 Bug Fixes more...

Job als Projektingenieur (Embedded-Systems) 10/19/15

Sind Software-Entwicklung und Embedded-Systems Ihre Leidenschaft? Denken Sie gerne abstrakt? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig! Software-Architekt im industriellen more...

Actifsource landed on Mars! 6/24/15

First test succeded: Actifsource 6.9.1 runs on Eclipse Mars more...

Domain Diagram Type II 5/21/15

Developing an easy to use state machine model. Show possible events in every transition. Restrict transition target to state instances of the own state machine. more...

UML Statemachine 5/21/15

Create UML State Machines with states, superstates, history states, (entry, exit, state) actions and transition guards more...

Actifsource User Manual: New chapter added 5/21/15

Added new chapter 11 Java API Actifsource User Manual more...

Code Snippet 1/5/15

Learn how transform code snippets into your target language. more...


Build Your Domain Specific Development Tool That Turns Your Software Specification Into Running Code

Discover the freedom of adjusting your software architecture based on market needs: Anytime. Efficiently. Effectively.

Actifsource reduces your development and maintenance costs by transforming your software specification into running code.

Actifsource Solutions

Distributed real-time statemachine for embedded systemsI/O connection, event detection, and process scheduling for embedded systemsUML statemachine and generator for highly efficient code
UML statemachine and controller architecture for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)Simple and complex data type libraryGenerate sound html documentation for your meta-model

Designing Models from Scratch