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Model Driven Software Development for Embedded Systems. more...

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Actifsource V6.7.0 11/18/14

- 5 Features - 4 Bug Fixes more...

Actifsource at Sindex 7/4/14

Visit www.lö to get the perfect technology mix. Check for exhibition details. more...

Actifsource User Manual: New chapter added 4/15/14

Added new chapter 9.5 Accessing the model from within Java function Actifsource User Manual more...

Actifsource User Manual 4/3/14

Please consult the new Actifsource User Manual: Actifsource User Manual more...

Language Tutorial reworked 11/29/13

We have reworked the following tutorial for you: Language more...

CIP Tutorial reworked 10/11/13

We have reworked the following tutorial for you: CIP State Machine - Lamp more...

Domain Diagram Type Tutorial reworked 10/11/13

We have reworked the following tutorial for you: Domain Diagram Type more...

Basic Tutorials reworked 9/5/13

We have reworked the following tutorials for you: Simple Service Complex Service Statemachine more...

Event: Actifsource @ V-ZUG 8/26/13

Actifsource and CIP in an idustrial project. more...

Meta Model Documentation 8/19/13

Learn how to document your own Meta Model and to generate a browsable HTML documentation. more...

Built-in Models 6/13/13

Learn how to create an eclipse plugin containing an Actifsource builtin model. more...

Roadmap 1/14/13

[2013/Q1] Actifsource/CIP Documentation more...

CIP State Machine - Arduino 12/14/12

Learn how to download and run the generated C code from your CIP machine on the Arduino plattform. more...

CIP State Machine - Test Suite - Console 12/7/12

Learn how to specify a CIP Test Suite model and how to run unit tests on your CIP state machine. more...

Actifsource V5.3.0


  • CIP XML Import


  • ProjectExplorer ReadJobContentProvider/ContenProvider ListenerCleanup

Recommended System Requirements

We recommend the following system requirements.

Java SE 6
Eclipse 3.7.1
OS Win 7, gtk Linux
OS Architecture 64 Bit
Processor 64 Bit
Disk SSD

Used Open Source Libraries

We have used the following open source libraries in our products. Many thanks to all the developers for providing their great work to the community.

actifsource Core 5.x EPL
ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar Apache
antlr-2.7.6.jar BSD
antlr-3.1.1-runtime.jar BSD
bcprov-jdk16-145.jar MIT
commons-collections-3.2.1.jar Apache
Eclispse 3.7.x EPL
jdom.jar Apache
jsr305.jar BSD
jug.jar LGPL v2.1
logging-1.0.3.jar Apache
objenesis-1.0.jar Apache
xerceslmpl.jar Apache